TradeFair from 18th December to 24th December 2020



    December 18, 2020 All Day


    Jai Jinendra!!!

    Wish you happy new year!!!

    As usual JSGs tradefair is coming up on 18th December, 2020 to 24th December, 2020. It is our effort to promote jain lifestyle among our young generation.
    You can be participant of this TradeFair either by becoming Exhibitor or Buyer or Visitor of this Virtual TradeFair.
    If you buy such jain items, then, you promote jainisam, you promote our jain sdharmik and make others to adopt jain life style.

    Charges for Exhibitor are as follows
    Rs. 500 for 30 Products for 7 Days
    Rs. 1000 for 70 Products for 7 Days
    Rs. 1500 for 120 Products for 7 Days
    Rs. 2000 for 200 Products for 7 Days
    You can become Premium/Featured Exhibitor by paying extra Rs. 300

    You can download our Android app from
    Downloadd link is also available on
    As soon as you upload product it becomes visible to 22000+ people
    Spread this message among your friends, family, relatives, well wishers and every janin bandhus irrspective of jain sects to becomes part and parcel such noble activity.

    We would also like to inform you that we are running Telegram Channel only for JAIN FOOD SUPPLIERS for free of charge to send Text Messages.
    You can join telegram channel by clicking below link

    For registration or to know more about Virtual TradeFair please call on 7977228924

    JSGian Rupen Shah (President JSG Bombay Main, Bombay Region)
    JSGian Heena Chheda (President JSG Matunga, Bombay Region)
    JSGian Ashok C. Shah (President JSG Matunga Gold, Bombay Region)
    JSGian Rita Udani (president JSG Matunga Silver, Bombay Region)
    JSGian Rajesh Doshi (President JSG Downtown, Bombay Region)
    JSgian Nilesh Mehta (President JSG Airport Mumbai, Bombay Region)