JSGIF South Region Workshop “UDAAN 2K16”


Program Name :
JSGIF South Region Workshop "UDAAN 2K16"

Program Venue:
Chinnaswamy Stadium, MG Road, Bengaluru Hosted By JSG Bangalore Benguluru, Karnataka 560001 India.

Program Date: June 26, 2016

JSGIF South Region Committee, Presidents and secretaries of all the 11 groups in the Region, President Shree Pankaj Sanghvi, President Elect 1 Shree Abhay Sethia, President Elect 2 Shree Ajeet Lalwani, Secretary General Shree Manilal Shah, JSGIF VP Shree Kumar Vora, Workshop Facilitator Shree Biren Shah, South Region Chairman Shree Ramesh Shah, South Region VP Shree Kamal Desai, South Region Secretary Shree Sameer Shah and South Region Secretary Shree Hemanshu Mehta.
About The Program: The South Region Workshop Titled "UDAAN 2k16" was hosted by JSG Bengaluru and conducted at a serene location called Chinnaswamy Stadium. This event started with a unique program called "Chai Pe Charcha" presided by JSGIF President Shree Pankaj Bhai Sanghvi where members had an open discussion and thoroughly delighted by the participants. The next was was event better with a complete JSGIF Themed hall decorated with flex as seen in the pictures. The workshop started with very inspiring speeches from Shree Pankaj Bhai Sanghvi, Shree Abhay Sethia Ji, Shree Ajeet Lalwani Ji and Shree Kumar Bhai Vora. There was also an unveiling of the JSGIF South Region's Awards Criteria and Categories booklet. Post which Facilitator Shree Biren Bhai Shah took over the workshop on 'Grow More to Serve More". This was followed by a presentation by Shree Manilal Bhai Shah. A Sumptuous lunch and the SRC Meeting.

All in all it was a "GRAND GALA EVENT" Titled "UDAAN 2K16"

Distinguished Guest:
JSGIF President Shree Pankaj Shanghvi
JSGIF President Elect 1 Shree Abhay Sethia
JSGIF President Elect 2 Ajeet Lalwani
JSGIF Secretary General Shree Manilal Shah
JSGIF Vice President Shree Kumar Vora
JSGIF South Region Chairman Shree Ramesh Shah