Program Venue:
Pune pimpri chinchwad Pimpri chinchwad, Maharastra  411033 India.

Program Date: June 7, 2016

Members Attended: 350

JSG Pimpri Chinchwad conducted a workshop on awareness of cervical cancer and prevention by vaccination which was attended by 110 ladies and girls.
On follow up
Today 20 members were given the first dose of Gardasil cervical vaccine  ( total 3 doses over 6 months period).
Another 7 members will be vaccinated on Monday.
Screening for Cervical
Cancer by PAP smears for women over 40 will be taken up soon.

The entire program is being conducted under the guidance of our own members :
Dr Swapnali Dhoka
Dr Yogita Lunkad
Dr Suhas Lunkad

This effort has been undertaken in our quest for Healthy JSGian and Women empowerment program.
Also conducted drama  कुछ मीठा हो जाय
Full Entertainment drama
Which was enjoyed by all our  group members
With housefull comedy &emotional program

Distinguished Guest: Rajendraji Dhoka (award committee chairman )